In 2021, only 39% of Palestinians responded positively to the question I trust in my ability to participate in politics in the country (PCBS, 2021). This number was ten points higher in 2018. The absence of Youth in decision-making bodies prevents them from asserting their rights effectively, with a detrimental impact on the prioritisation of their needs on the public agenda. CYEE believes that a positive nurturing environment is a prerequisite for young Palestinians to become advocates for their rights, including affordable higher education, quality employment, psychosocial health services, freedom of speech and political participation. The protracted occupation and authorities’ lack of accountability has detrimental effects on youth rights in the social, economic and political fields. Luckily, our growing network of partners, both public and private, businesses and non-profit organizations, forms a platform to make their voice heard. From the community to the international level, CYEE advocates for the recognition of young Palestinians’ capacity to become changemakers. .