Project Information

  • Title: Women In Action
  • Implementation Period: 2022-01-06

  • OnGoing


Our “Women in Action” project aims to fill the gap of women’s empowerment and representation and to challenge current patriarchist narratives and attitudes by cooperating with community-based organizations (CBO). These organizations work activity-based and are most suitable to understand the needs of their community. Based on consultations with board members of the community-based organizations and young female volunteers in three marginalized communities. It was found that there is a significant absence of representation of young women in these communities. The need for young women to become advocates for their peers and their village is highlighted by the CBOs and the volunteers. As part of the CYEE strategy our project seeks to empower young women in the Palestinian society into active citizenship roles, strengthening the political, economic, and social landscape and simultaneously increasing their capabilities to advocate for themselves within society and protect their rights. At CYEE, we believe that women are best placed to protect their rights and play more meaningful roles within decision-making processes such as peace building and advocacy roles when they are more generally empowered in the social, economic, and political spheres. The proposed project will engage young women and girls in social change, resting on the tenets of active citizenship, volunteerism, and advocacy, equipping young women with the knowledge, skills, best practices, and experience to become promoters and advocates of positive social change. This initiative will develop young women into civic-minded, actively engaged individuals interested in safeguarding their social rights by establishing women activists' groups in the three communities.