Volunteer with us directly! Whether you’re joining us from abroad, or locally, we have a number of volunteers working in our offices on a wide variety of projects. We take your interests into account in terms of what you want to develop or have developed in the past



Support our work with a donation! It can be as small or large as you like. As an independent and politically neutral community-based NGO, we rely heavily on private donations to help our work reach young people across the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


Become a Partner

Become a partner organisation! If you are a Palestinian or international NGO, business, educational institution, or simply an engaged and active individual with an interest in our work, consider becoming one of our Partners, and we can work together for a brighter future for youth in Palestine.

Volunteer Tasks
  • All English language writing and editing, including PR
  • Fundraising
  • Project development: You may be given your own project to work on, depending on your skills, experience, interest, and the availability of projects, or you might assist with existing projects as part of a team
  • Opportunities to meet with partners
  • Assisting with idea and project generation
  • Technical work that matches your skills: e.g. website and infographic design
  • Teaching English and employment skills (this is dependent on whether classes are running during your time with CYEE, and your level of English)
  • Field visits and activities with Palestinian youth
What Volunteers Say About Us