The Center for Youth Economic Empowerment envisages a Palestine where young people have the skills needed for economic success, as well as access to broad and durable networks of businesses, entrepreneurs and decision makers. We believe that providing students with these opportunities will contribute to increasing freedom and equality in Palestinian society.


We are committed to a strategy that recognizes and attempts to overcome local challenges, for a responsive, tailored and effective approach to youth, and especially women’s, economic empowerment

We encourage students to see themselves as stakeholders in society

We work towards a positive community through advocacy and partnerships

We tailor our programs to address the obstacles women face in the job market

We give youth the educational and vocational skills needed to excel in the job market


The Palestinian Centre for Youth Economic Empowerment evolved out of the successful Step Forward Program launched by Sharek Youth Forum in 2004, and was established formally in 2011. CYEE came in response to the deteriorating economic prospects of young people in the wake of the Second Intifada. With greater reach across the Palestinian Territories and an increase in the programs provided, CYEE builds on the work of Step Forward, to better address youth unemployment and economic empowerment of young women and men.


Our Team

Sahar Othman, Executive Director

Sahar Othman graduated from Birzeit University with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Sahar oversees programs' design and implementation, advocacy initiatives, monitoring and evaluation, as well as supervising all staff. Her work contributes to the economic empowerment of young people, through a range of initiatives in the West Bank. Previously, Sahar worked with Sharek Youth Forum since its establishment in 2004 as the programs and PR director, and continues to be very active in advocating for youth across Palestine through working at CYEE. You can contact her at sahar.othman@cyee.ps

Haneen Qawasmi , Projects Coordinator

Haneen Qawasmi a graduate from Bethlehem University in 2019 with a major in English Literature and a minor in Translation.  During her studies, she was socially active at different places. After graduation, Haneen began working at CYEE as a Projects Assistant, and is now a Project Coordinator. She is responsible for directing activities and the use of resources, she is leading the implementation of projects and ensures the efficiency of the activities. You can contact her at haneen.qawasmi@cyee.ps