Currently, there are more graduates entering the job market each year than there are jobs. When the job market is bloated, what is stopping graduates from starting their own business, becoming job creators, and entrepreneurs? Encouraging entrepreneurship is a long-term strategy to improve the wider Palestinian economy. CYEE strategically incorporates and encourages entrepreneurship in its programs, to change the dynamics of the economy, overcome barriers, and build a sustainable future.



Showing young Palestinians that entrepreneurship is a possibility

  • For many Palestinians, the idea of starting their own business hasn’t even crossed their minds. It is seen as something for youth from affluent families, with a pre-existing network of contacts, and for men rather than women
  • CYEE will help young Palestinians to think innovatively, and break the mould economically

Connecting them with inspirational role models

  • CYEE will run workshops and seminars with entrepreneurs, successful leaders, and inspirational businesswomen

Providing them with vocational skills training

  • Because it is the soft skills and command of oneself that separates the entrepreneur from the average worker

Helping them with structural barriers

  • Creating a network of like-minded individuals and businesses
  • Advocating on their behalf