The Problem

In Palestine, there is a lack of adequate vocational training to equip Palestinian youth with the life skills needed to find a job in a hard-to-access job market, and to succeed in the workplace. In addition, there is a stigma around blue collar work, with a societal emphasis on more academic subjects, despite blue collar work being able to provide many Palestinians with the employment and income they desperately need.

The existing Vocational Training Centres themselves are also not reaching the standards they should. Improvement is needed in:

  • Employment services (career guidance, internship support, and job placement services)
  • Formalised  relations with the labour market
  • Infrastructure and equipment
  • Addition of new technologies and specialisations to the curricula

Finally, there is a systemic absence of women in the labour market

  • Due to a lack of employers hiring women; a cultural taboo against women working in many sectors, or even at all; and 80% of women stating they agree with their unequal inclusion in the economy

Action Needed

  • Providing life skills, career guidance and job placement support
  • Strengthening the relationship between vocational institutions, the private sector, and civil society sectors
  • Developing a structural and cultural place for women in the job market, and encouraging them to enter non-traditional sectors 

Our Program

Beginning in 2015 and running until 2018, CYEE will partner with the International Youth Foundation, and the Ministry of Labour to implement the Equip Youth Palestine project.  The program’s goal is to improve young women and men's access to the labor market in Palestine by capacitating Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) to empower over 900 hundred vocational students with the essential skills, attitudes, and employment support services needed.

EYP includes Passport to Success Training in communications, public speaking, confidence building, and presentation; technical digital training; drop-in career counseling sessions; inspirational guest speakers; job fairs; internship opportunities; and student projects that will help experienced and innovative youth to start their own business

We believe that through this comprehensive employment program, young people will develop a new outlook and attitude towards employment, gain new skills and abilities through training; and be provided with internship and employment opportunities.